See your money at work in projects that incentivize preventative health care.

The Broccoli Project system and process is optimised around the transparent and efficient management and delivery of primary health care to the underprivileged from multiple points of view – systems, useability, hardware, donor fund management and real time tracking and reporting – but most importantly, it ensures that you can see for yourself that your donations are being put to the best use possible. Through The Broccoli Project and the initiatives it supports, you can help not only sponsor the delivery of relevant, measurable health care interventions, but you can also contribute to the development of a culture of “liberation aid”, where the aid intervention is not simply a reactive response to an existing medical situation, but seeks to change the underlying conditions that produced that situation. Your money will be used to effectively test and treat conditions such as AIDS and TB as well as fund the incentivisation of positive social actions designed to alleviate or reduce the outcomes and infection rates of such disease. This approach to health aid literally addresses the causes rather than just the symptoms of disease in underprivileged communities.

Health Project

Sub-Saharan Africa suffers from the highest HIV/ AIDS prevalence in the world. The reasons for this are manifold but primarily rooted in poverty, lack of education and even disinformation and denial more