See your money at work in projects that fix the environment.

In most developing and impoverished communities, little or no attention is paid to environmental issues. The Broccoli project aims to drive and incentivise environmental awareness and action by rewarding positive efforts by community members to improve their surroundings. Your money will be measurably and optimally used to sponsor projects which incentivise the cleaning up of communities, the protection of indigenous flora and fauna, the adoption of sustainable and responsible subsistence activities and enrollment into and attendance of relevant educational initiatives. All these projects will be based on a monitored and managed process which delivers real, pre-quantified social/environmental returns on your valuable investment. By helping incentivise positive environmental actions with rewards which meet the most basic needs of participants, you will also be addressing the underlying reason why the environment is typically so neglected by these very people - when you are hungry and living in poverty, "environmental responsibility" generally becomes an unaffordable luxury or a very low priority at best.


TrashBack is a social and environmental impact business that incentivises informal communities to manage their own waste through recycling.   The potential benefits of this are threefold ...read more