See your money at work in projects that encourage education.

The Broccoli project’s unique biometric based tracking and management system, combined with its incentivisation component, provides an excellent mechanism to promote school attendance and deal with the reasons why children from impoverished communities have such a high drop-out rate. Your money will be used to support programs which accurately monitor school attendance by individuals and, where they meet the required attendance standards, their families will be regularly rewarded with vouchers exchangeable for basic goods. This will have the dual result of helping children have access to a proper education and through this, a brighter future, as well as alleviating the need for the basic goods and money that typically forces children to drop out and seek work or indulge in petty criminal activity.

School Attendance

Few will argue that education is the single most powerful means of uplifting people and breaking dependency on aid.  However, in a sad irony, for the impoverished, education is all too often a d more